I write code.
PHP ~ Node.js ~ Javascript ~ jQuery
MySQL ~ MongoDB ~ Objective-C (iOS)
Over 20 years of experience developing solutions for businesses.

What I Do

I execute simple and functional web projects. I use the latest technology as needed but also believe in minimizing points of failure and constraints by only using only packages that deliver the best value. My favorite tools are jQuery, jQueryUI and Underscore.js. I prefer to use my own proprietary PHP framework, Generator, which has been serving millions of web pages for over a decade. It's tiny and lean and scales brilliantly.

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What I Do

Gotta be honest: I'm not a hotshot mobile app developer. What I'm good at is creating stable, usable apps that connect to cloud services and backend database driven applications. Though not flashy, I think you'll find my mobile apps a good bit more usable and stable than many in the app store. I execute apps in native code: Objective-C but am not afraid to use Javascript in webviews to speed up development.

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What I Do

Server side programming is one area where I particularly shine. It's where I started before there was a web. While I do love the web, I do enjoy a level of experience and understanding of backend programming that many developers seem to lack.

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Bill Nobes
165 Jacobstown-Cookstown Rd
Wrightstown, NJ 08562


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Bill Nobes

Bill got his first computer in the early 80s when they couldn't actually do anything so he started writing business applications. He hasn't stopped yet.

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